The Arsonist - a thriller

The Arsonist is a corporate thriller and modern day David and Goliath Story about the collision of Wall Street and the Climate Crisis.

“You’ll be sucked in by Cal Minor and his head-first fall into Atlas, a company with unlimited wealth and seemingly nonexistent morality.”

Avery Naughton - Avery Books

"Cal Minor is the second coming of Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) thrown onto the stage against the much more important issue of looming climate catastrophe."

Susan Griggs - Beta Reader

“I devoured it whenever I had free time.”

Lincoln Oz - Financial Advisor


Join me on this journey. I’m grateful for your support. New items early, discounts, and early releases fill this list!

Ken Coulson

Author - Musician - Environmentalist

Ken Coulson traveled the globe in a fast-paced, over-the-top career with Wall Street's biggest banks before an epiphany during the financial crisis set him on a path of sustainability and music. He has written and released over 100 songs, many in support of climate action. Ken founded the sustainability think tank Future Bright and writes on Medium on mindfulness and the art of here and now. The Arsonist is his debut novel.Ken is a cultural creative using his voice

The Arsonist Audiobook

Written, produced, and narrated by Ken Coulson with music from Ken, Hari Ganglberger, William Earley, and Benj Lefevre. Mastered and Distributed by AMZ Pro Hub and available on Audible, Amazon, and Itunes. Take the audio journey today!

Wall Street Diaries Podcast

COMING SOON. Alongside The Arsonist Audiobook, we are releasing a series of audio shorts called the Wall Street Diaries available on Spotify and Apple Music later in 2024. More on this soon!

Music & More

Writing songs is what led me to writing books. Music and Apparel promoting inclusion, progress, and restoration of planet and people under the brand The Dharma Revival

For People and Planet. Everything, all at once

“The visions we offer our children to shape the world. It - matters - what those visions are,” Sagan

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