The Arsonist

Praise for The Arsonist

The lead character Cal Minor is a living, breathing Wall Street animal.  He transforms from a hard-charging, well-financed party boy to a man who develops a global "green" consciousness and is willing to "burn down" one of Wall Street's Masters of the Universe.  Emotionally astute, and devilishly funny, Ken Coulson's novel will fill the long overdue absence for fans' of The Wolf of Wall Street. ” - In Media Res

“You’ll be sucked in by Cal Minor and his head-first fall into Atlas, a company with unlimited wealthand seemingly nonexistent morality.” —Avery Naughton - Avery Books

“Cal Minor () makes Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street look like Fred Rogers... A promising debutthat will get thriller fans fired up for a sequel.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Goldman Sachs Elevator meets Greenpeace in this rollicking satire that’s of our time and aboutour future.” —Cam Martin, Author

“The Arsonist distinguishes itself by boldly breaking away from the norms of conventional thrillers. Instead of following predictabletropes, Coulson expertly constructs a conclusion rooted in authenticity, opting for a nuanced and impactful finale that resonates deeply with readers.... Beyond the gripping plotline, Coulson’s intricate understanding of the finance world adds depth and authenticity to the narrative, elevating the novel beyond mere entertainment to a thought-provoking exploration of power and manipulation.” —LiteraryTitan

“Fabulous! Totally engrossing, well-rounded, and gave me a view into the darkness of the financial world. Kudos!”—Amy Zabin, DA, MMT, Author

The Arsonist;

A corporate thriller and modern day David and Goliath Story set against the backdrop of the collision between Wall Street and the Climate Crisis.

Are there any chances left for a man who helped stoke the flames of a global financial meltdown and then reaped the rewards? When Cal Minor strikes bottom—losing his home, career, wonderful wife, and children—redemption appears at the elite Atlas Corp led by the corporate bull, Hank Henleman, who is hell-bent on monetizing the looming global climate catastrophe. An ambitious young prosecutor and the FBI have other ideas and Cal soon finds himself ensnared between them and Henleman’s protectors including the sadistic head of a shadowy paramilitary force, Arik Bane, and his drug-addled #2, John Ryker. Riding the razor’s edge, The Arsonist brings readers to the brink of calamity in an intriguing, contemporary, and revelatory debut corporate thriller.


The Arsonist

Arsonist Audiobook

Scored with original music and read by Ken, the

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